In case you’re a self-published writer

In case you’re a self-published writer, probabilities are you will be imparting your books for sale on whether or not or now not you currently have an account, there are a few belongings you must know about navigating Amazon’s Kindle platform most successfully as a posted writer, particularly in case you pick out to apply one or extra pen names.

however, earlier than we dive into the beef of the problem, permit’s go over why and whilst you would need to use a pen name, how using one affects your publishing debts, the way to approach social media and other important issues for using a pen name.

Why and whilst to apply a pen name?

A “pen call” or pseudonym, is an assumed name that many writers pick to apply in place of their actual call. but why could all people, in particular you, want to try this?

There are a gamut of reasons that many authors give for why they use a pen name sooner or later of their career. but, a number of the maximum common are:

To safeguard their actual identification.
To no longer be restricted through the usage of their real name.
to distinguish among the different styles of books they write.
those are all exquisite motives to determine on a pen name and then use it to set up your author account.

How does using a pen name affect your publishing debts?

when you make the decision to apply a pen call rather than your actual name, there are a few restrictions you will need to deal with as a publisher on Amazon Ready Made Script

You can not use your pen name to create tested reviews.
You cannot remark or use the discussion boards with the pen name.
you are limited to the usage of a unmarried name in Amazon discussion businesses.
this is due to the fact has strict regulations that most effective permit bills with tested payment techniques to complete sure actions. This leaves you very constrained in sure respects in case you use one or extra pen names.

How should you cope with social media when using a pen name?

it is one thing to use your pen name to installation an author account and on the duvet of your e-book, but how do you use it for other areas of book publishing and promotion, such as with social media?

facebook – you can simplest installation one important fb page the use of your actual name. but, you can installation single pages to sell your books the use of each one in all your pen names.
Twitter – it is smooth to set up several Twitter money owed for every of your pen names so that you can hold your book promotions separate.
Goodreads – This platform most effective lets in one fundamental profile for each writer, so in case you want to sell the use of special pen names, you will should set up several man or woman bills using special emails.
a way to set up Your author page with a Pen call

right here are the stairs you must take to installation your Amazon writer page with a pen call.

so that you can set up your writer page you should have already got a prime Amazon account and as a minimum one book already indexed and to be had for purchase on

in case you don’t already have a primary Amazon account, pick the sign-in option that says “No, i am a brand new patron” and comply with the commands to set up a new account.

in case you don’t have already got a e book indexed on Amazon, use the Kindle Direct Publishing page to add your first e book.

as soon as you have your Amazon account created and your book uploaded, use the subsequent steps to installation your account with your pen name.

reproduction and paste the subsequent hyperlink into your browser
input your Amazon sign-in electronic mail address and password and press input.
examine thru the terms and conditions in author primary and click “Agree” to accept them and flow forward.
once your author page opens up, navigate to the “Books” tab and click on the “upload greater Books” button.
Do a look for the call of the e book you wrote the usage of your pen call and upload the choice. in case you can not find the book through title, try trying to find it by means of ISBN range.
A pop-up field will seem pointing out that “You are not listed as the writer… ” An alternative at the lowest of the pop-up container will country “in case you write beneath a distinct name, allow us to realize”. click on that link.
An e-mail affirmation will be despatched to your related Amazon account. locate the email and click on the affirmation link to affirm that you are the writer of the book and it is your pen call.
as soon as your identification is confirmed, that pen name will now be associated with your writer valuable account.
Repeat steps six to 9 for up to three (three) pen names on a unmarried account.
Switching between Pen Names in your Amazon creator Account

if you have a couple of pen name associated with your Amazon author account, here is a way to switch among each one.

Navigate on your author account web page and click on the drop down menu beside your name on the top of the page.
choose the pen call you need to apply from the list.
it’s a easy as that! you’re free to interchange to and fro at any time depending on how and when you want to apply a selected pen name.

What do you do when you have extra than 3 (3) pen names?

If you may be writing up a storm and want greater than 3 pen names, there’s a simple way across the 3 name challenge on your Amazon writer account.

you’ll must open a 2nd Amazon writer account with a distinctive e-mail deal with and observe the steps outlined above to add up to three extra pen names so as to be associated with that account.

If necessary, you could repeat this technique as usually as you would like to set up greater pen names.

keep in mind that despite the fact that you can installation numerous author money owed and related pen names, you can have only one Kindle Direct Publishing account per individual irrespective of what number of pen names you pick to have.

observe: continually recollect to sign off of your secondary, tertiary, etc. writer accounts and again into your primary account before logging into your Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing account in an effort to see all of your indexed books.

essential considerations when the usage of Pen Names on Amazon

in case you plan to put in writing and self-post books on an global scale (that is outdoor of the primary shop) you will must set up bills on each international Amazon web site that you need your books to be to be had on.

even as it sounds intimidating, the manner is sincerely pretty simple.

visit your browser and input the URL related to the Amazon writer principal for the united states you are targeting. So for instance, (uk)
whilst the page opens, create your author profile and add your books using the identical steps you would on the principle website online.
relying at the kinds of books you propose to jot down, the use of pen names may be an vital a part of your e-book advent and branding strategy. Use these simple steps to installation your Amazon creator Pages and pen names and you will have all of the flexibility and anonymity you need to self-publish with self assurance.

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